Sorigué Challenges
to foster innovation


  • Description

    Sorigué is launching two challenges to foster innovation within the construction industry pursuing efficiency, sustainability, and affordability.

    Choose one of the two challenges that best match your expertise and apply to share your ground-breaking proposal.

    You can send your applications until April 12, 2019. 

  • What will you obtain?
    1. An invitation to the first customer program.
    2. Workshops to validate/polish your company’s value proposition.
    3. An opportunity to showcase your company during the Barcelona Building Construmat 2019 exhibition (brand visibility).
  • How does it work?
    1. Apply to one of the challenges (deadline: March 29th, 2019).
    2. Sorigué’s panel of experts will review and rate your application (deadline: April 15th, 2019).
    3. If you are selected you will showcase your company during Barcelona Building Construmat (14-17 May).
  • What are we looking for?

    Companies with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that are interested in scaling up their solution (process, product, or business model) to industrial grade with mutual collaboration and knowledge sharing.


How can we adapt to the new housing demands?


Social housing urban landscape is fast evolving with new generations wanting to live in densely populated urban areas (density, ease of social interaction, diversity of spaces), with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities (artistic, sports, social), and with public transport. Housing affordability plays a key role in this paradigm shift, thus construction companies need to use new technology, construction processes, and materials to adapt to the new demands.


This challenge seeks innovative technologies and tools to shorten project timelines, reduce costs, and promote cleaner and more sustainable industry, thus driving down the cost of construction and rehabilitation in dense urban areas and making housing more affordable for all.

Specific solutions that could help achieve these goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Offsite prefabrication
  • Modular construction
  • Alternative building materials
  • Building Information Modelling
  • 3D printing
  • Mobile based solutions


How can we increase the use of circular economy in construction?


One of the main principles of the circular economy is to maintaining or increasing the value of materials, environmentally and economically. The construction industry is a highly material-intensive sector, generating a large amount of waste. To date, circular economy efforts have been largely focused on recycling construction and demolition waste (CDW) with little attention on the reuse of products and the subsequent decrease in reclaimed materials for reuse.


This challenge seeks innovative technologies, processes, and tools to increase material reuse, and waste reduction to promote a more sustainable and efficient industry.

Specific solutions that could help achieve the following goals:

  • Construction:
    • Minimise waste
    • Procure reused materials
    • Procure recycled materials
    • Off-site construction
  • In use and refurbishment:
    • Minimise waste
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Easy repair and upgrade
    • Adaptability/flexibility
  • End of life Deconstruction
    • Reuse of products and components
    • Closed-loop recycling
    • Open-loop recycling
About Sorigué

Sorigué is an industrial group founded in 1954, a reference in the sectors of technology and water engineering, services, construction and materials with a clear commitment to innovation and a vocation to return to society.

With more than 3,550 workers, Sorigué maintains a leadership position thanks to the solvency and expansion of its activities, both organic and through acquisitions.

The company has always approached growth from a sustainable perspective, through diversification, innovation and business development.